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While many of the larger questions for this project probably need to be discussed in a sit-down fashion (or at least through email or comments threads on this blog), some practical components can be thrown out for consideration as well.

Potential Tools: 

Research Blogging, run by the Seed Media Group.  This site serves as a sort of aggregator for high caliber science blogging.  It currently doesn't seem to have a lot of our sort of work associated with it, however.

dotdotdot.  Dotdotdot is a sort of long-form text sharing and social commenting site. It's difficult to explain, but it allows you to grab, comment on (collectively), and share texts.  It also allows you to curate lists of articles and books, with your comments. I've begun doing this for myself, here: Resilience Stuff. The site is currently in early beta and as such rough around the edges, but they do have apps for Apple products and a Chrome plugin for grabbing text.  I think it has tremendous possibilities as a tool, and will continue using it, regardless of what happens with the OpenLab blog.

Blogs to potentially associate with, comment on, and link to:, a blog run by the Deep Root company, focused mostly on ecosystem services in urban environments, and green infrastructure. (blog here): A site for the Resilience Alliance, "a research organization comprised of scientists and practitioners from many disciplines who collaborate to explore the dynamics of social-ecological systems. The body of knowledge developed by the RA, encompasses key concepts of resilience, adaptability and transformability and provides a foundation for sustainable development policy and practice." I reckon most folks are pretty familiar with these guys.  The blog updates infrequently.

We might find some folks of interest over at the American Geophysical Union blog site:

I am a fan of Savage Minds (an anthropology blog), though it is rarely likely to be topical for our purposes.

The Urban Ecology Center appears to blog quite frequently.

As does the Center for Urban Ecology at Butler, in Indiana (I met the founders of this group a few years ago).  But most of the posting is done by the undergrad interns, it appears.

This is a smattering of ideas.

I await others!


  1. Thanks, Matt. These are great. Quick question. When trying to register for dotdotdot, it asks if you authorize to update your twitter profile or post tweets for you. Did you authorize that?


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