A few questions and thoughts on directions for the Open Lab Blog.

Here's a quick summation of what we talked about today, and some of my thoughts on possible directions and ideas for a variety of components of the problem.

Questions: Big Picture

  • Who is the audience, and what do we want to communicate to them?
  • How large of an author pool do we want to have?
  • What is the timeline for this process?

Questions: Process

  • What platform do we wish to use? Blogger? Wordpress? Hosted on UW, or externally? There's lots of potential advantages for any direction.
  • What would the editorial process look like?
  • What would the facilitation process look like?
  • What is the balance between curation and generation of content? Between exposition and engagement?
  • What should the frequency of posting look like?  

Ideas: Regularly Featured Content

  • Quick Reviews:  These would be quick blurbs no more than a hundred words or so pointing at new literature, etc.
  • "Introducing an Idea":  This would be a series of posts introducing an idea, theory, or technique to the readers.  Scenario planning would likely be one, as might an introduction to the Panarchy model, what is meant by "resilience", etc. The purpose of these would be to ease interdisciplinary discussion.
  • "In the News": Commentary on articles from news websites like Atlantic Cities, where we may have insights about the subject, or simply wish to direct people's attention towards something interesting.
  • "Engagement": Varied in topic, but focused on responses from the community, ala the twitter idea we talked about in the meeting ("send me your three keywords about resilience", etc).

Ideas: Things Useful for Readers

To Do

  • Begin finding other blogs and resources to connect with, and compile lists.
  • Think about the strengths and weaknesses of various platforms
  • Consider the audience question. 

Example of Mendeley group display:


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